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Collaboration- The magical glue for your company’s success

Nowadays we can get to any information about any subject we want. People spend most of their working time sitting in front of a screen while having interfaces with many contacts from all over the world. On one hand, the world became more global and we can hire and do business with people from almost every country. On the other hand, we are mostly referring to each other as another resource to get my job done and most often do not understand that for the long run, we cannot get to our goals without some assistance and collaboration from others.

Neta collaborate with a group of people
Collaboration- The magical glue for your company’s success

We usually realize that, only once we get into a complex situation and cannot resolve our problems by ourselves, then we reach out to others for help. But then, when you really need them, most likely that no one will be there for you because you didn’t generate a real relationship, trustworthy, caring and authentic to bring someone else to go out of his shell for you.

This is a long-term effort but you cannot do without… and others cannot do without you. In terms of geographical, professional and cultural remoteness, such as working in global environment, we all have the same need for human connection and caring. There for, as managers you must be the flagship for this behavior, leading a culture focusing not only on the task done now but on the long-term achievements accomplished by a group of individuals becoming a united team. Last summer I was invited to lecture at the Business & Management department of the International Space University, Space Studies Program 2023, took place in Brazil. I’m feeling privileged to contribute my humble part in making our world a little smaller by getting people together and instruct them on how to generate this glue in their companies.


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