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neta vizel

I'm Neta, a global organizational consultant and a group facilitator, specializing in global management and leadership development.

Managers Development Program

Neta during session
Neta as a group facilitator
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The program provides practical skills and tools for managers to enhance their contribution and fulfillment.

The program's goals are to develop managerial
capability via:

  • Generating managerial self-perception and learning the managerial roles and responsibilities.

  • Acquiring managerial skills and tools (with an emphasis on inter-personal skills and managing people).

  • Creating a common managerial language at the company.

  • Team building and networking between the company’s managerial team.

Major Topics:

  • Managerial Role Perception

  • From Operational to Strategic Management

  • Performance Management, Goal Setting and Delegation of Authority

  • Effective Feedback

  • Needs Assessment

  • Employee Empowerment and Development

  • Global and Remote Management

  • Listening and Empathy

  • Proactive Behavior and Influence

  • From Silo to Collaboration

  • Communication Styles

My Specials

  Special 01 

Managing Global/Hybrid Distributed Teams

This workshop aims to improve your ability to understand reality from different perspectives, enhance your listening and empathy skills, and acquire tools for assessing your employees' needs in a global hybrid changing environment.

Neta during her managing global session

  Special 02 

Team Building-
From Silo to Collaboration

The workshop aims to improve collaboration in the face of rapid change and uncertainty. Promote a broad organization-wide perspective and a sense of common purpose among managers. In this way, the company will promote network thinking and improve collaboration among interfaces.

Neta during her team building session