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neta in a group session


Omar Hatamleh, Ph.D

Technology Integration Manager, NASA

"Ms. Neta Vizel is an exceptional team leader and an excellent organizer. She successfully managed all the complex planning associated with the Space Studies Program for 2016. It was a very difficult task and she managed to execute it flawlessly. Ms. Vizel showed excellent communication skills and consistently exceeded our expectations on every single level. She is charismatic and well-spoken, both qualities that have served her well in her role as SSP16 host site director. Ms. Vizel is passionate about connecting with all people and I can attest to her strength of character and compassion for others. She is a hard-working, thoughtful, charismatic, and open-minded individual with a clear commitment to cross-cultural communication."

Zeev Schneider

Deputy CIO , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

"Neta's capacity in motivating others to reach the objectives makes her a natural leader for challenging projects. Neta's SSP16 project has allowed the International Space University to obtain better results judged by the satisfaction of the participants than initially expected."

Shimrit Maman, PhD

Chairman, Board of Directors, D-Mars

"Neta is an astonishing professional, who combines her long term HR skills and space proficiency whilst beyond imagination conserves a smiling face. It was indeed a great pleasure working with Neta as an organizational consultant and setting the scene for D-mars. Her insightful advice, innovative and creative thinking and her endless patience are absolutely excellent."

Netanel Namdar

CEO, Linkury

"Neta's extensive experience in human resources management together with her phenomenal management mentoring abilities contributed a lot to the company's success in a time of fast growth and change."

Ofer Lapid

Faculty Member, International Space University

"Neta is one the most effective, get stuff done person, never forgetting a detail or a person behind, paying attention to details while keeping a big picture vision at arms reach. She is an excellent planner, superb executor and a people's person all in one."

Adil Jafry

CEO, Chandach Space Technologies

"Neta's leadership and management acumen were exemplary! She paid attention to minute details in a setting that required strong cross-functional integration across multiple organizations, performing analyses and making decisions under fairly uncertain conditions. Throughout the process, I saw her develop creative win-win solutions for her stakeholders, with a strong focus on long-term strategic organizational goals."

Lital Shalev

Head of SW Development, Precognize

"Neta took me under her wings and guided me on any managerial dilemma that came up. She helped me build a strong team with highly professional individuals and a great team atmosphere. Neta is very passionate about her work and she can move and motivate any employee, manager or mountain".

Yuval Brodsky

CEO, NewtonTech

"Neta brings a unique combination of clear vision, immense talent, motivation, passion, and dedication. Combined with an openness and light-hearted pleasantness, Neta helps create a rich company culture. She contributed greatly to the team's professional development, as well as the company's organizational development"

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